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Small note on current Wikipedia article on Theora
The current state of the Wikipedia article on Theora states:

Playback performance

Currently, there is no mainstream hardware acceleration support for Theora. Consequently, playback performance, especially on lower-end systems (such as netbooks) lacks in comparison to competing formats, such as MPEG-4.

I'd like to point out that

  • Theora has lower computational complexity than H.264, thus the need for hardware acceleration may not be as dire
  • Current netbooks usually have no H.264 acceleration at all due to Intel's choice of hardware components, meaning the computational complexity of H.264 directly impacts on those poor little machines
  • Many software players don't use hardware acceleration even where available

"Hardware" acceleration is a much hotter topic in the realm of digital media players or mobile phones than it is in the "usual" computing environment. From what I understand work to optimize Theora for mobile applications has begun.


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