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on the ffmpeg Vorbis encoder
maikmerten now has all moving images content also available as Ogg Vorbis + Theora. This is great!

This was a massive reencoding effort and the details of what tools were used are available at

A setup to get the job done. However, after having had a closer look I discovered that the Vorbis encodings were done with e.g.

ffmpeg -y -i CapeCodMarsh.avi -vn -acodec vorbis -ac 2 -ab 128k -ar 44100 audio.ogg

Ooops. This means there's massive amount of content, encoded with libavcodec's Vorbis encoder. The only problem: That encoder is rather primitive and produces significantly inferior audio quality compared to libvorbis. And yup, the encodings sound rather unpleasant despite not starving on bitrate.

How I wished ffmpeg would loudly complain whenever using unfinished/experimental/not-state-of-the-art encoders.

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Re: Vorbis stuff in Moonlight? #mono

Yeah, I feel the same way. I've been doing web development for a while, and having to deal with the proprietary Flash plug-in is a pain. At least with Moonlight I can poke at the code. Patents are too easy to misuse. Tinfoil-hat theories aren't always *entirely* off ;)

If you know anybody who's interested in adding Ogg support to Moonlight, let me (or the moon devs) know, and we'll help them get a dev environment all set up and ready for patching.

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